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Who is Pak Hou Chau

Pak Hou Chau is a 23 year old entrepreneur, investor and speaker. Since becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 16, Pak has built five consumer tech startups, and has successfully exited two of them. Pak is also a personal development enthusiast, a productivity expert, a personal organisation consultant, and the ultimate believer in humanity.

His goal

As a motivational speaker and a productivity expert, Pak aims to inspire and empower people around the world to be the best version of themselves. Through entertaining, powerful and compelling content, Pak’s goal is to inspire people to take actions towards a better life while educating people to better manage the chaos and distractions in their lives, so they can live with more control and purpose, work more effectively and efficiently, while not neglecting their loved ones, not sabotaging their health, and not forgetting to be appreciative and grateful to the gift of living.

His dreams and philosophy

As an entrepreneur and investor with unlimited amount of ideas, Pak buries himself at work and relentlessly tries to create, invent and support businesses with creative solutions to the world’s biggest problems with a single purpose in mind:

To spread positivity and happiness, to inspire and empower others, and to create the maximum amount of positive impact for the world.

Pak believes in humanity. He sees the good in people, and he understands that great, meaningful work don’t happen alone. This is why he spends most of his time trying to bring the best out of people, to inspire them, motivate them, and empower them to be the best version of themselves possible.

What do others say about him?

Alvin Chau Founder and Chairman of Suncity Group Father

Pak is a compassionate person and a loving son who works hard to bring the best out of people and bring our family together.

Sheldon Li Co-Founder of BuyandShip, Zhenhub, Pakpobox

Pak won’t let you get away with excuses. Don’t be fooled by his age, he is wise, passionate and compelling. While a lot of the principles he preaches can be found online, the way he presents these principles is inspiring, digestible and most importantly, actionable. Thanks to his influence, I personally begun to take these little steps to improve myself, and before I even notice, Voilà, these small actions and habits have gradually compounded, and this new way of life has significantly improved my productivity, my health, and my life.

Min-Liang Tan Co-Founder and CEO of Razer Inc.

Pak is an incredibly talented entrepreneur, and a real go-getter. No matter what he works on, he really gives it his all to shape it into something amazing. Pak has a positive attitude for work, and an unparalleled optimism for life. I look forward to seeing bigger and brighter things in his next venture!

Kevin Shee Co-Founder and CEO of SC Storage

Pak is one of the brightest individuals that I have come across in the business and professional world. Having started several businesses at such a young age, he has known both amazing success and also failure. Pak possesses the wisdom of what it takes to be successful, both at a business level and also at a personal level. I look forward to working closer with Pak in the future to improve my game.

Michael H Chen CEO of HakuCapital Global Investment Advisers Limited

I have known Pak for several years now and have seen him mature from a teenager to a driven entrepreneur. I have never met a more positive, enthusiastic force of nature. His latest venture will enable him to share with others the outlook and methodology to life that has brought him happiness and success. Pak’s infectious and positive energy is something everyone can emulate and learn from.

Clarence Lam Co-Founder and CEO of SPACEPLAN

In life, there are obstacles to overcome, goals to achieve, and above all of that, you have to find purpose and meaning in order to live a truly fulfilled, meaningful life. I would like to thank Pak for being my friend, and being the ultimate ‘life coach’ for me. Pak was there to provide wisdom and perspective during my tough times, he led me to see my blindspots, and encouraged me to overcome my fear. Because of this, my relationship with my Dad has improved, and I’m ever more grateful for the life that I have.

Derek Cheung Founder and CEO of Hong Kong Esports

Pak is one of the most passionate people I have ever met and has a natural born talent for leadership. He is someone you can positively rely on to help you unlock your full potential and teach you how to make the best out of every moment. I would highly recommend Pak to anyone looking to take themselves to the next level.

Yaron Michael Paul Jacobs CCO at LKF Group, Former CEO of FashionTV

Pak is a young entrepreneur filled with energy, passion and purpose. His system and methods can be truly transformative for people seeking to achieve a better work-life balance. Despite his young age, Pak manages to live, practice and share his system.

Michael Mak 2017 World Bowling Champion, Asia Game Silver Medalist

When I first met Pak, I immediately saw him as a very happy person — he brings joy to all those around him. He takes the time and effort to make you feel good about yourself with positive thoughts and positive energy. As a professional athlete, this is especially important for my state of well-being. There will be ups and downs throughout the lifetime of my athletic career, but I know that no matter what happens, keeping positive thoughts will allow me to overcome any difficulties, and keeping a positive attitude will allow me to face any challenges in my pursuit to become a world champion!

Terence Wu Equity Trader, Poker Player and Personal Trainer

Pak is a personal friend who’s kind, loyal and wise beyond his years. He has unparalleled mental toughness, with infinite optimism. He believes in humanity, and the good in people, and often takes personal responsibility to bring the best out of me. Thank you Pak!
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