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About Me


23 Years Old

Entrepreneur, Investor and Motivational Speaker

Since becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 16, Pak has built five consumer tech startups, including Oction, WOW Sports, and has successfully sold two of his businesses for over HK$40M.

Pak is also a personal development enthusiast, a productivity expert, and a personal organization consultant. His goal is to inspire and empower people around the world to be the best version of themselves.

Pak, the Entrepreneur and Investor

As an entrepreneur and investor with unlimited amount of ideas, Pak buries himself at work and relentlessly tries to create, invent and support businesses with creative solutions to the world’s biggest problems with a single purpose in mind:

"To spread positivity and happiness, to inspire and empower others, and to create the maximum amount of positive impact for the world."

Pak, The productivity addict and the ultimate student of life

As a productivity enthusiast, Pak devotes himself in discovering and learning about new productivity tools and methodologies while continuously developing and sharing his routines, techniques and rules for living a more productive, organised and purposeful life

Supercharge your 


Build Meaningful Relationships

Find your


Achieve Work Life Balance

Alvin Chau
My Dad & Chairman and Founder of Suncity Group
Pak is a compassionate person and a loving son who works hard to bring the best out of people and bring our family together.
Sheldon Li
Co-Founder of BuyandShip, Zhenhub, Pakpobox
Pak won’t let you get away with excuses. Don’t be fooled by his age, he is wise, passionate and compelling. While a lot of the principles he preaches can be found online, the way he presents these principles is inspiring, digestible and most importantly, actionable. Thanks to his influence, I personally begun to take these little steps to improve myself, and before I even notice, Voilà, these small actions and habits have gradually compounded, and this new way of life has significantly improved my productivity, my health, and my life.
Clarence Lam
Co-Founder and CEO of SPACEPLAN
In life, there are obstacles to overcome, goals to achieve, and above all of that, you have to find purpose and meaning in order to live a truly fulfilled, meaningful life. I would like to thank Pak for being my friend, and being the ultimate 'life coach' for me. Pak was there to provide wisdom and perspective during my tough times, he led me to see my blindspots, and encouraged me to overcome my fear. Because of this, my relationship with my Dad has improved, and I'm ever more grateful for the life that I have.

Hi, this is Pak. Thanks for visiting. I’m excited that you’d like to get in touch with me. Please fill in the form, I will get back to you soon.



If you are looking for an engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable speaker for your next event,  you’ve come to the right place. 

Through interactive and passionate presentation, I’m looking to educate your audience on personal organisation and productivity, while inspiring and empowering them to confront their demons and overcome their fear, so they can take profound actions and meaningful steps toward a better life.


If you are a member of the press, and you would like to conduct an interview, or present any form of media opportunities, please contact me here.

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